Do What You Love!

This past Thursday, my husband and I took off from work and decided to go on a daycation! Its been hard for us to do anything alone as a couple since the baby was born. We’ve gone out literally, a handful of times in the past 9 months, including to the NY philharmonic, a jazz club/restaurant, to see Interstellar in theaters, and to a wedding. I guess that’s almost a handful. For this trip, we left the baby with the babysitter (for the usual 7 work hours) and drove up to Cold Springs, NY and spent the day there exploring, biking around town, eating, shopping, and enjoying nature – all the makings of a perfect day in my opinion 🙂

We begun the day with brunch at Hudson Hil’s Market and Cafe where I tried, and deeply enjoyed, their shirred eggs on Swiss chard with mushrooms and fontina, along with some home fries and a latte.

IMG_6165 (1)

Next we went biking around town. We also explored areas down near the Hudson River and found some breathtaking views and a nice spot to rest and enjoy the scenery. My husband took some awesome panoramic photos with his iphone (my iphone is currently old and cracked and is badly in need of replacement).




We went shopping and bought some interesting things – local honey, jam, and some books on hiking in the lower Hudson Valley (for future adventures). I also found and bought a locket from an antique shop that I plan on placing pictures of my babies in (the old fashioned instagram/phone photo album). I’ve always wanted a locket. I love the long chain and the simplicity and smoothness of the oval design, as well as the secret functionality of keeping something so personal and treasured hidden inside is just so magical.

We ended the day with some ice cream from the Moo Moo Creamery. I chose the maple, cinnamon, and walnut flavored ice cream inside a waffle cone. That was the best ice cream flavor I’ve ever had (up there with El Laboratorio Del Gelato’s pistachio and salted caramel flavors in NYC).

Overall, best daycation ever. Did my favorite things all in one day.


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