Mommy Meetups

One thing I love about is their mommy groups.  I’m not a very social person, but I like to be around people.  At the same time, I love new experiences.  The mommy groups are great cause they tell me about really cool places and events that I otherwise would never have heard of or gotten to explore.  Its like going on mini-adventures with my little guy.  They’re also not to long and don’t require too much energy since its Ramadan and I’m fasting so its probably not a good idea to overexert myself/be out all day.

Places I’ve been so far:

  • Several different parks with baby swings, had a picnic (on my blanket which I shared with a few others), played bubbles, played with sidewalk chalk, and had baby play on various other playground equipment (Paramus, River Edge, Glen Rock).
  • Hiked around a lake and an Arboretum that I didn’t know existed!  So excited to have discovered it and plan on going back there (Glen Rock).
  • Went to a sing and sign baby class/concert at the Rutherford library (they handed out maracas and it was a ton of fun!).
  • Toddler Tuesdays at the mall in new-ish play space perfect for crawlers, pre-walkers, and walkers (Garden State Plaza).
  • I signed up for baby story time in my own library (found on my own) and a few other libraries (made aware of through

Things I’m looking forward to doing regularly (whether through meetup or my own group of friends/family):

  • Hiking with baby (which I do regularly with my husband but would like to do during the day while he’s at work).
  • Picnics.
  • Going to museums.
  • Visiting some zoos/aquariums I have not been to.

I’m tempted to start my own meetup group.  Or at least host an event through one of the ones I’m in.  I’m just worried that my baby’s napping/mood will somehow interfere.  Its totally changed since we’ve been staying out late attending different iftars (breaking of the fast dinner parties).  I’ll have to get him back to normal after Ramadan so the transition back to work isn’t too tough.  There’s less than 2 weeks left so we’ll see.


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