Here comes the sun…or snow

First day of spring and we had some snow. How strange. The unusual warm weather we’ve been having has helped me renew my will to spend a lengthy amount of time outdoors with my little guy. I’ve been going to the park after I pick him up from day care for an hour every day. I even went for an evening stroll to meet my hubby at the bus stop with the toddler in tow. Any excuse to be out and about. So when the snow and chill set in again, I made the most of it and whipped out the jackets and sweaters for hopefully the last time and I took the little guy to the park. The park, normally filled with children, was eerily empty. A strong gust of wind periodically burst through reminding you how cold it was and how weak the sun was in the face of such cold. But the little guy ran around and practiced climbing and sliding and hanging. He found some autumn leaves near the fence and enjoyed crunching them in his hands and pushing them through the links in the chain linked fence. I love his sense of wonder and exploration.

I’m glad I made it out today. It’s crazy how much the cold holds me back. For instance, right now I felt it was too cold to go to the gym and now I’m lying on the couch in my gym clothes, a lined sweater, and a blanket slightly bitter about the spring chill and hoping it ends ASAP. There are trails to hike, parks to play in, vitamin D to be absorbed! Can’t wait!


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